• [Upcoming] (January 2023) Movement in science reform. Spoken presentation at Swiss National Science Foundation. Virtual event.

  • [Upcoming] (December 2022) Open publishing: the publishers' perspective. Spoken presentation at MRI Together 2022. Virtual event.

  • Are all voices heard in the transition to Open Science? Spoken presentation at the 2022 Science Europe Conference on Open Science, Brussels, Belgium.

  • STS, Social Sciences, Methodology. What can such reform movements learn from STS? And vice versa: what can the interdisciplinary field of STS learn from such reform efforts? Panelist, at the 2021 WTMC Annual Meeting.

  • Preregistration and Registered Reports Beyond Psychology. Spoken presentation at NeurIPS Conference, 2021. Virtual event.

  • Probing Perspectives on Trust in Preregistered Findings. Spoken presentation at Metascience 2021. Virtual event.

  • Institutional Reform - Gaps and Opportunities. Spoken presentation at the 2021 Lorentz Center workshop: Perspectives on Scientific Error: Parsing History and Comparing Viewpoints, Leiden, the Netherlands.

  • When and Why to Replicate: As Easy as 1, 2, 3? Spoken presentation at the 2019 MAER-Net Symposium, Greenwich, London, UK.

Invited Presentations

Guest lecturer: Good Research Practices (7205RM34XY; University of Amsterdam Research Master) - November/December, 2022

Guest lecturer: Controversies in Psychology (PSB3E-M05; University of Groningen Undergraduate) - October, 2022

Course lecturer: Reflecting on Science and Integrity (GMTPGE08; University of Groningen Research Master) - Block 2b, 2020-2022

Weekly tutor: Research Practicum (PSBE2-09; University of Groningen), Semester 2, March 2016-August 2017‚Äč

Weekly tutor: Statistics II (PSBE2-07; University of Groningen), Semester 1, August 2016-March 2017

Statistics/methodology consultant: University of Groningen Methodology shop (April 2016-August 2017)

Lecturing, tutoring and consultancy