About me

** I am holding a fundraiser for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon later in the year, in memory of a dear family member who recently passed away from an aggressive cancer. Please donate to cancer research in the Netherlands here if you have some spare change lying around! **

I was born and raised in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. After doing my undergraduate degree at the University of Newcastle, I moved to the Netherlands in 2015 with my then-partner Don, who's himself a Dutchie. We bought a house in 2018, and got married in August, 2020.

In January of 2019, we welcomed our first child, Aurora. In January of 2021, Wolf(ie), her little brother arrived. We share our home with two Siberian cats, Chozo and Tallon.

I like long-distance running, bouldering, gaming and cooking. Occasionally, I even get free time to do those things for fun.